Adonnis Lee-Johnson

Adonnis is from Los Angeles but his rugby journey started at Humboldt State University (HSU) in Arcata, California. Adonis happened to walk past the Vice President and President of the Humboldt Rugby Football Club. One thing led to the next and he ended up having a breakout season.

Adonis said, “I found my love for the game.” To gain experience, the Humboldt Head Coach sent Adonnis to Aspen, Colorado for two summers. Adonnis joined the Gentlemen of Aspen RFC. Under Cameron McIntyre’s wing, Adonnis perfected countless fundamentals from the run game to defense. After his second summer in Aspen, Adonnis transferred to Santa Rosa Junior College for one season.

He went on to play his final season at HSU and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He went on to compete for the Los Angeles Mongrels in a California Rugby League match.

Adonnis commented that he is excited to be a Jackal to not only further add to his rugby toolbox, but also learn from great rugby talent. “I love friendly competition and it fuels my fire to play alongside great players.”

Position Prop
Hometown Los Angeles, California