RK Barker, Strength and Conditioning Coach

RK’s passion for performance was sparked in high school when he wanted to better understand how to prepare himself for sport performance and recovery as a high-level swimmer. His love of rugby began in college while studying Kinesiology at the US Military Academy at West Point. RK assisted in research to identify a sport that most closely resembled the physical demands of modern combat to help soldiers better prepare for the physical demands they face. He found this in professional rugby. 

In his graduate program, RK continued his study of rugby by examining the differences in strength and conditioning trends between northern and southern hemisphere professional rugby teams and comparing them to play style and match outcomes. He also looked into how to quantify, monitor, and manipulate the total load placed on professional rugby players to effectively reduce injury potential.

RK earned his Power Athlete Block One and his CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). His methodology approach is best summarized as a movement-focused approach. He believes that creating strong movement patterns and a foundation of strength and power creates better athletes.